Who Are Our Clients?

Relationships Built On Trust

You’ve worked hard, saved well and you’re smart about your finances. At the same time, you’ve reached an age or point in life where you want to stay ahead of inflation. You want to spend more time enjoying friends, family and activities– hobbies that interest you more than the constant management of your financial portfolio. That’s where Hubbard Financial Planners steps in.

Our clients are professionals, business owners and self-made successes that have established themselves in their families and communities. They live life to the fullest and believe age is just a number even though they typically are between the ages of 45 and 70. We make it our priority to help them travel, volunteer and connect with the people that matter in their lives. We keep them free from the worry of day- to-day financial matters. We also encourage our clients to participate in their own financial plans and apply their own financial acumen and understanding where appropriate.

Ultimately, working with Hubbard Financial Planners is meant to be a relationship – one that recognizes the work and time that has gone into creating wealth and that respects what is necessary to manage that wealth with care and precision. Together with you, our motivating goal is to help make sure your money serves the purposes you intend, now and for future generations.