Business Succession Planning

Every business is different. So is every business owner. But, no matter what path you took to build and grow your company, there’s one milestone you’ll eventually have to approach: transitioning the ownership of your business to a successor. And whether that successor is a family member, your management group, or a third party, succession is an event that affects your business, your family, your wealth, and your future.

Whether you’re thinking of transitioning ownership now or 20 years from now, your plans must be mapped out well in advance to ensure both business survival and the return on your investment of time and hard work.

For many business owners, succession planning can be a complex undertaking, one filled with questions. When do you want to transition out of your ownership role? How can you derive the greatest value from your business? Who’s the best candidate to lead your company into the future? Do you have the right management team in place?

Hubbard Financial Planners can help you answer those questions. We’ve helped many privately held companies as they approach this milestone, and we have both the experience and resources needed to help you plan. The process of business succession may seem overwhelming at first. But, when approached with a plan, it can be an orderly, reassuring, and satisfying journey – a journey we’d be honored to take with you.